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Rock & Blues: live, full steam ahead!

The "Aachener Zeitung" wrote on 05.07.2019:

Open Air "Rockballast" in the shadow of the Stolberg Castle
.... Pure goosebumps feeling
Full steam followed in the aftermath with the Düsseldorf "Full Steam Ahead Band". The fact that musicians have come together here who "have an unbridled desire for blues and rock" was obvious already after the first few bars. And the distinctive voice of singer Ralf, who roared through the alleys of the historic old town, supported by typical blues instruments such as harp and slide guitar, produced pure goose bumps.
Whether blues or blues rock - the musicians always pushed the mood with "full steam" ......

The amplifiers are humming quietly...

The clacking, when the guitars are plugged, reveals: Right here we go. The tension rises and fog creeps in, the lights show the stage in colorful light. The guitar plays the intro. After a few bars, drums and bass go, giving the music a driving rhythm and a broad fumendament. Vocals, (slide-)guitar and harp bring the songs to life on this...

And the party is already in full swing because it is FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND as a good live band.

So (Blues)rock must be ... powerful, impulsive, earthy and straight ahead ... full steam ahead! This is FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND!

But blues are also the soft songs and sounds, when the harmonica sobs and touches the heart. This is FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND too!

Because FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND play Blues + BluesRock classics with heart`s blood and feeling ..... full steam ahead!


Do you want to book FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND for your event?

Whether party, pub, city festival, street party, open air, company festival, garden party, school party ..... no matter, because FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND plays everywhere where a socket is.

We are looking forward to your inquiries at tel: +49 (211) 7307201

Or by e-mail: info@full-steam-ahead-band.de

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Private events:

Recently we have been asked more often whether the FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND can also be booked as a private event. Of course! We play wherever there is a power outlet If you have any questions about a private FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND concert, please call or email.

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